Pavement painting

Many of you have contacted me to express your curiosity and/or dismay at the multi-coloured markings that have appeared on inner-city streets and pavements.

Here’s a typical comment, from Andrew Clarke:

“How disappointing to walk round Bath both in the centre and in the suburbs and see the increasing disregard for the street architecture.

Cable laying companies presume they can desecrate both the old paving stones all around Queens Square or the recently laid ones at the bottom of Milsom Street.

I guess they will be painting on the brand new stones outside the World Heritage Centre before the year is out!”

I contacted B&NES and a spokesperson told me: “Marks of this nature are temporary and indicate underground utility equipment, for the safety of people carrying out any works.”

I am still at a loss as many of the markings are now fading and the pavement has not been taken up for any work?

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  1. Just an example of the Government’s stupidity in allowing any cable company to dig up any road or pavement as they think fit, without having regard to the needs of the public for safe uninterrupted journeys.

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