Pix of the day. Saturday, August 19th.

The phrase ‘ under the weather’ is rather daft l know. We are all ‘under’ the weather – whatever the wind blows in – but l am not currently firing on all cylinders so, today, l am handing over this spot to our man-with-a-camera, Rob Coles.

He writes:

Sorry about your cold, with our miserable weather it hardly counts as a summer cold.  Hope it soon goes.In case the cold inhibits your photography and in the absence of any steam through Bath I went to my favourite station Freshford to see the Belmond British Pullman.   

Freshford  has no nice building but it is beautifully painted and kept, with the rubbish collected by train.  There is a station  garden and it is in a wonderfully quiet location.

For a brief moment a train arrives or passes then silence except for sheep, cows and birds, no road traffic    Most importantly it is used as it should be, people travelling to and from work and for school and shopping.

  I have even met people departing to and arriving from a European destination as, with careful planning, you could travel all the way by rail from Freshford to Hong Kong or Vladivostok. Shame no booking office from which to buy the ticket.   

When we had our boat and moored at Murhill it amused me to hear the last train of the evening to leave Freshford to connect with the cross-channel ferry at Portsmouth.”

Thanks Rob.