David Stubbs writes: “Are FGW jumping the gun or are there genuine safety issues?  Still no clock!”

Mmmmmm. Yes – that clock must NOT be forgotten!

Following on from this Diane Chorley writes:

“In addition the station not being able to provide a ticket office service at the moment, they are unable to support wheelchair users or people with baby buggies to board trains in the London direction. 

I accompanied my daughter to the station to see her off back to London. She has a 9 month old baby who was in a buggy.  She was told that the lift is not working. The solution was to be directed to access the other platform via the car park at the back. She would have then had to take a train to Bristol, change and come back from there to London.

Luckily, I was able to go through the barrier and help her up the stairs to the platform. Not possible for a wheelchair user who would, indeed, have to go to London via Bristol. Surely lift repairs should be prioritised to make the station fully accessible? “

And.on the subject of tickets, from Rob Coles:

It was once so simple a small card ticket dated with a clunk in the  machine and it was yours, its colour showing if it was a single, day return of monthly return – one half of the ticket for the outward journey the other half for the return.

Seeing David Stubb’s piece, It is reported in Oldfield Park Platform accident book that on 29th September 1950 the booking office window fell on the head of Mr Smith and cut his right ear.  Sent to hospital as it would not stop bleeding