Let’s celebrate the SandPits!

Rob Coles has been out and about with his camera and joined in the centenary celebrations at the Moorfields SandPits Playground at Oldfield Park.

He writes: “The thousands attending were a tribute to both the vision of the originators  who turned an old brick works/clay pit into an unique  playground and those who arranged the celebration. 

And of course to the Council who have installed so many imaginative amusements over the years.

The original pretty wooden-arched bridges have gone to be replaced by many innovative ways to cross  the stream.

In spite of the many colourful and exciting items of play equipment, the stream that meanders through the park  appears still to be the main attraction and the most popular game being,  how many ways you can get wet.

Sadly there is is no adjoining railway line with the two engines of the Pines Express that was the main attraction in my day in the Sand Pits.”