A word with Ali

Spent almost an hour talking to and old mate who now lives 5,387 miles away from me – in Los Angeles on the West coast of America.

Alison Holloway is now a very successful tv producer with shows like America’s Got Talent and Little Big Shots under her belt.

When l first met her 40 odd years ago she was a young reporter from Westward TV who had moved up from Plymouth to work with us on the Bath Road in Bristol.

We were working colleagues and friends – still are!

We chatted about everything from John Abrahams to Jim Davidson. I hadn’t noticed how long we had talked for but hope you will find something of interest.

It’s my first real shot and this is unedited. It can only get better!


  1. We recognised and remembered all three of you.
    Good old days.!!!!

  2. Rob Coles commented: ‘ I remember Ali, I think she also did a children’s or teenage programme on a Saturday morning?
    As you know I love establishing links and coincidences. Last week I went to a reunion of one of my schools, Kensington House Schoo,l on the London Road. When I was there, the actress Barbara Leigh-Hunt, who I believe now lives in LA, was one of the senior girls. I still remember the monologue she did one Christmas in front of us little ones who were sitting on the floor. The performance included the word ‘bloody’, the first time I had heard it said in public – the benefits of private education. I learned one swear word!’

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