Is our city being ‘smashed up?’

Pictures from a road traffic accident in The Circus last night, and one of many images of similar incidents within the city sent in by someone who would rather remain anonymous.

The Circus last night

In an email this persons says:

Recently in Laura Place

“Is there a potential entry to be done on the danger from road vehicles in Bath and how they are smashing up our city?

Van hits balustrade at Pulteney Bridge

Another big one last night on Circus.

Parade Gardens balustrade (car was upside down in Parade Gardens I believe but no good shots)

Obviously there is the heritage concern, but what about people walking and cycling?

Cavendish Road

How long before someone is killed as we introduce bigger, heavier EVs with even more potential to do damage?” 

Weston Road roll over White Corsa 

What do others think?

Everyday trashing of bus stops- Batheaston and Weston 


  1. Not forgetting Queen Square!
    Close the entire city centre to cars unless residents…reduce speed limits to 20mph throughout entire city…
    Expand parking outside of the city and improve park and rides…reduce costs of car parks and improve public transport and bring the trams back!!!
    Install permanent speed cameras around the city centre….I cycle and am often overtaken by speeding taxis/Uber drivers!
    They tear around the city as if they own it!!!!
    All taxis/Uber drivers should now only be able to use electric/hybrid cars!!
    Please keep my comments anonymous.
    Thank you.

  2. Don’t these type of accidents take place in all urban areas? The incident at The Francis Hotel was just reported with the driver being significantly over the DD limit so I guess a reduction in speed limit would make no difference in this instance.

    1. It was a DD incident…however, I don’t believe any of the others were alcohol related so it points to speed being a factor.
      From a cyclist and pedestrian point of view, and there are many of both moving around the city centre where most of these accidents have taken place…I am sure it would be safer to introduce lower speed restrictions and limit vehicular access. Taxi drivers appear to be the biggest culprits for speeding in these areas.

  3. Not only buildings but parked cars get hit everyday, Camden Crescent, Marlborough Lane, I used to live in the city centre and my car was smashed every other year while parked on both occasions it cost around £1,000 to repair. I used to live in Putney, South London my car was never hit while parked nor my parents, I did’t know anyone who had had their car hit, but here in Bath it’s the opposite I don’t know anyone who’s car hasn’t been hit!

  4. We don’t usually get reports on how these accidents happen unless someone dies. How fast was the vehicle going? Were there extenuating factors (e.g. swerving to avoid hitting someone on the wrong side of the road head on?) Did the driver lose control of the vehicle for reasons other than alcohol/drugs or carelessness (brakes or steering failing, a medical seizure of some kind?) We never find out.

    Many commercial vehicles in Bath are just too large for our streets. The lovely Georgian carved doorway and window in the side street next to Boots is gradually being bashed to bits by them. And some of the vehicles delivering stage sets to the theatre – if it were the Minack Theatre they would find a smaller lorry to use, so the same should apply to us.

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