Warm welcome but more hosts needed.

A survey of Homes 4 Ukraine hosts across B&NES shows more than 80 per cent of families asked intend to stay in touch with their guests and have been either very satisfied or satisfied with the support they’ve received from the council.

It’s a positive response, but there is also a current appeal for more people to consider opening their homes.

Seventy nine hosts responded to the Bath & North East Somerset Council survey, which asked how satisfied or dissatisfied they had been with the council’s response to the Homes 4 Ukraine scheme – with only three saying they were dissatisfied.  

More than 80 per cent of respondents said they enjoyed their time hosting a family or individual despite communication and sharing space in the house as the main challenges to hosting.

Almost 30 per cent of the hosts asked said they would consider hosting another refugee family or guest again in the future with almost the same number as yet undecided if they would host again.

One host commented: “I feel there has been a lot of support on offer for both guests and hosts. H4U clearly care about making hosting work for all involved.”

Another said: “I have been impressed by how diligent and responsive the H4U team has been. It has been a great reassurance to our guest, especially our second who has experienced a fake sponsorship offer which caused her considerable distress.”T

The scheme is currently appealing for more host families to consider opening their homes. So far, residents in Bath and North East Somerset have welcomed more than 350 Ukrainian guests under the government sponsorship scheme.

Hosts are paid a ‘thank you’ payment for hosting, which is between £350 and £500 per month depending upon the length of hosting.Ukrainian families, who are already here in B&NES and are nearing the end of their initial sponsorship, need to find a new hosts, as their existing hosts cannot continue.

Landlords who may be willing to rent their properties to Ukrainian families are also required.

Councillor Dave Wood, deputy leader and cabinet member for Council Priorities and Delivery, said: “I am pleased to see such positive responses from our host families in this snapshot survey. I would like to thank our families for opening their homes as part of ongoing support for Ukrainians displaced by the war.

We still need host families and I hope the positive experience and comments from this survey will encourage more families to consider the Homes 4 Ukraine scheme.”    

You can find out more on the council’s Homes4Ukraine page, or you can also email: H4U@bathnes.gov.uk