Bollards to you!

[Claremont Road before RPZ and when there were still lots of bollards still standing]

The heavily laden lorries – ignoring warning signs – and inching up our suburban car-lined street are nothing compared to what the residents of Claremont Road – at the other end of Larkhall – are having to put up with.

They’ve just been subjected to residents’ parking permits with spaces on the road spaced out in clusters down the hill.

If that isn’t bad enough, for some residents trying to get in and out of their driveways, they have the daily torture of large lorries and coaches taking ‘short cuts’ down their street.

This was 5.30 pm apparently!]

It’s a very sharp turn at the bottom and a constant supply of bollards are knocked over by large vehicles that cannot get around the corner.

[It’s apparently just flattened the bollard on the corner.]

Here’s footage ( above) supplied to me to show what l mean!

I don’t think residents want lorry surveys but immediate action to stop vehicles of this size using their street.