Unwelcome garden visitor

Walk up or down the gravel path which leads up to the Royal Crescent – and passes the rear gardens of some of the houses in The Circus – at any time between 9 am and 5 pm throughout the year and you’ll find the gate to Number 4 open for you to go inside.

That’s where you will find the Georgian Garden – a faithful reinstatement of an original garden dating from 1770 and filled with the plants and flowers that would have been traditionally used in 18th century gardens.

It’s a rather modest heritage asset but one that is a pleasurable surprise once discovered. There is no charge for entry!

Sad to say the dreaded ‘box blight’ has invaded this peaceful space and hedges are certainly not looking their best.

I took this up with B&NES and Councillor Tim Ball, cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services, who told me: “We are aware that box blight is badly affecting some hedges across the district and we are considering suitable alternative plant species.”

Let’s hope it’s not too long before the hedges in this garden have been replaced and the space can be restored to its Georgian glory.