Inventing the next big thing!?

Who said little people cannot have big ideas!

This year the Bath Young Inventor of the Year competition is looking to award a prize to the most innovative and imaginative invention proposed by an under ten-year-old.

The Museum of Bath at Work is working with the 44AD Gallery to collect the best ideas and make an award of a trophy – created by local engineering company Cross Manufacturing- to the most interesting.

In the past these have included an umbrella that catches water to make tea, a coffee pot which tells you when the coffee has brewed and a hearing aid that can tune into radio stations and podcasts.

The ideas do not need to be made but a description and drawing are expected. The winners will be invited to a special tea party and whilst the overall winner receives the trophy, everyone wins something!

If you know a young person who might want something to do over the Summer Hols then:

  1. Think of an idea and write it down.
  2. Go to
  3. Submit your idea and wait!

All submission must include your name, your address, a written description of your idea and a drawing or photograph of it.

The deadline is Friday September 8th 2023.

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