A hidden gem

I was out of Bath yesterday (Sunday) so am grateful – yet again – to our regular man with a camera Rob Coles for going along to the Open Day at the city’s historic Jewish Burial Ground in Combe Down. It was established in 1812 by the city’s small Jewish community.

Here’s Rob’s report:

‘Have you ever wondered what is behind the very high stone wall on Bradford  Road opposite the entrance to Mulberry Park?   

All was revealed at the Jewish Burial Ground Open Day on Sunday.   The small grassed area with its still-standing grave headstones is full of interest and inspires the imagination. 

Why for instance did Solomon Kesseff leave Russia and end up under the stony ground of Combe Down?   

Was the somber cortege – all dull, unrelieved black with a simple coffin and cart – watched as it struggled up from Bath to Combe Down?   All would have been in accordance with Jewish law – no flowers at a Jewish funeral.  

Did the Combe Down quarrymen hear the Rabbi chant the funeral prayers?  After the burial there would have been the “Sitting Shiva.” 

Thanks Rob. All the images are his also!

Once again, an historic site is maintained and conserved with the help of a group of dedicated volunteers. See https://bathjewishburialground.org/

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  1. Really interesting Richard, but forget there is a Jewish gravestone in Bathford churchyard where Eli Prins, the Dutch founder of the Bath-Alkmaar relationship lies, together with his wife.

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