Pic of the day. Saturday, June 24th

It’s not a pothole but a big trench at the side of the London Road into Bath.

Getting used to it being there too as it’s been able to be viewed by passing motorists and pedestrians for some time now.

Thing is, l haven’t seen any sign of life for days? No work being done? I wish major excavations had to have ‘progress notes’ posted so we get some idea of when the end is in sight.

PS. If, since l took this photo, work has been completed and the hole filled in, then ignore the above. Well – apart from the progress note idea.


  1. Oh it’s ok !
    It’s only the bus lane that’s dug up.
    Doesn’t effect the normal traffic which still crawls along at 5 MPH.
    What a waste of time it was putting up all these 20MPH signs.
    Bloody Awful None Existent Service.
    Let’s just build more Bus lanes, cycle lanes. Make bus stops that create long traffic queues. Charge residents for permits to park but issue more permits than there are parking spaces. Tear down a multi story car park making parking even harder.
    And the worst thing! Not building the A36 / A46 link road when building the Batheaston bypass. That would have removed so much heavy traffic from the London road. But no they introduce a “clean air zone” and a weight limit on the bridge. This now effectively sends all the heavy goods vehicles down the A350 …… Well thank you very much.
    I happen to live in Melksham right on that route.
    Chances of us getting a bypass? At the current rate ZERO.
    Rant over.

    1. National Highways are responsible for the link road, not B&NES. Bus stops are designed to help the bus passengers, not the hinder them. Clean Air Zone was a government initiative that the council had to implement or be financially punished. Residents parking zones are there to allow residents to park. Fair point about the 20 signs on London Road though 🙂

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