Bike aid?

[A picture l took on a recent visit]

An email now from Diane Chorley who – like me – is doing her best to get around hilly-old-Bath with the aid of an electric bike.

She writes:

“Having read many reports from you about cycle parking in Bath, I wonder if you would like to include a comment about cycle parking at the RUH?

I used my ebike to cycle to an appointment – this was a follow up after cancer treatment. I was delighted to be fit enough to cycle there and also to avoid the stress of car parking. The hospital has a parking problem and I was doing my bit to help. 

However, cycle parking is limited to a few hoops near the main entrance, in front of the new developments including the Therapies building. It was rammed. There was nowhere to park my bike. Eventually I attached it insecurely to a past which was too big for my D lock to fit around. 

Surely the hospital can (and must) do better than this? This is the link to the page which encourages people to cycle

It would be great if you were able to comment on this.”

I can do better. I sent your comments to the Royal United Hospital and have received this reply from the Trust:

“Thank you for your query, and we understand your frustration in not being able to find a suitable cycle parking space during your visit to the RUH. We appreciate your efforts to use sustainable transportation and your desire to avoid the stress of car parking.

While we do have cycle parking spaces available near the RUH Atrium, it seems that the recent increase in staff and patient cyclists, particularly in good weather, has led to a higher demand for these spaces. This has unfortunately resulted in some individuals not being able to find parking near their preferred area.

During our inspection this week, we found that there are still available spaces across the site, although they may not be closest to the main entrance. A map of all the cycle parking locations on site is available here

As part of our Sustainability Strategy and our commitment to providing better active travel facilities, we are working on further improving our cycling infrastructure. We have plans in place to deliver additional cycle spaces near the entrance to the RUH once our new Dyson Cancer Centre opens at the end of the year. These additional spaces will help alleviate the parking pressure and ensure better access for cyclists.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during your visit, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We hope to provide an improved cycling experience in the future.”


  1. Daine’s comment is untrue. There are 20 extra spaces directly to the right of the main entrance. They’re under cover.

  2. Thank you for raising this I am going to the RUH today and would never have known where the cycle parks were without the map. The hospital needs to display the map near the over crowded cycle park at the main entrance to inform cyclist of the other options.

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