Step up

This isn’t the first time l have moaned about litter in our city but what greeted me earlier today on the High Street illustrates a point.

I have to report that the pavement outside the Guildhall had been cleaned, by the time l returned to get my bike.

The steps remain ungrouted!

Meanwhile, Bath Newseum regular, Ralph Oswick, is currently holidaying in the Mediterranean.

“We are staying in a small seaside resort in Sicily. Very clean -nary a fag end in sight – and no gulls!

Today is Nappy Day!

As you can see, the dustmen/recycling operatives come six days a week!

That being said, every lay-by between here and the airport was piled high with rubbish bags, builders rubble, clothes and garden waste.”

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  1. Richard,
    Having just returned from Prague & Vienna, both tourists cities I was pleasantly surprised to see the streets being cleaned and washed daily; all in the early hours of the morning.
    What a change returning to Bath and seeing the streets still filthy, rubbish strewn and bins over-flowing.
    I wonder just how difficult it is for the council to put the measures in place that are seen regularly in European Cities!
    I was planning to attach photographs of the filth in Bath city centre taken this morning but am aware that you probably have lots of your own!
    Keep up the good work Richard

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