“le style?”

It was all go at the Bath Abbey end of Cheap Street this morning as contractors move in their gear to start the lengthy job of installing the next security barrier that will restrict entry to the inner city.

It follows the completion of the first retractable barrier system at the Bog Island end of York Street.

York Street

Meanwhile, Malcolm Baldwin has been on his travels!

He writes:

“I noted your recent piece on security measures in York Street. How come our French neighbours can create a more aesthetic approach to their city security measures and infrastructure than our own Council ‘stylists’?


Reims, pictured last week, not only has effective but less obtrusive bollards (see bottom left of image) but also have metal ‘slip-on’ coatings displaying an appropriate subtle city motif/branding on their concrete security blocks. 

Not ‘rocket science’ ……….just takes a little thought and style, especially in an important heritage city!”