Taking a duck

Amazing pictures taken by regular Bob Coles on a recent visit to Warleigh Weir on the River Avon at Claverton.

He writes:

Went to Warleigh Weir yesterday,  surprised at the height of the river.   We are always impressed how Mrs Duck looks after her ducklings who dutifully paddle along behind her, however the Warleigh duck was not that bright.and has a lot to learn. 

The family swam out from the safety of the mill leat, stopped for a snack on leaves from a submerged tree and instead of turning back swam into the main river swift flowing river and of course were dragged to the weir and over they went. 

Mrs Duck didn’t desert her flock and did not take to the air, over she went with her children.    I did not see them again.

I was amazed at the number of signs that have been erected, none written in duck

My reason for visiting Warleigh was to see the Belmond Pullman on its way to Bath.”

Here’s hoping all is well with our feathered friends, and thanks for that Rob.