Pix of the day. Monday, May 8th.

I have no quarrel with this. It will also make passage safer for all those getting off their coaches at Bog Island to walk through to the Abbey and Roman Baths.

Just maybe wish they could have chosen either gray or powder blue paint for the posts. They would still have been obviously there but slightly more blended with their environment.

Am hearing Cheap Street might be the next ‘restricted entry point’ to be tackled. Hope they’ve checked for cellars!

November, 2017

PS They have got to be better than the concrete blocks put in place by a previous administration!

November, 2017

I remember one Christmas that they were wrapping the ones outside the Abbey in Christmas paper to make them look more festive for the Christmas Market.


  1. I agree about the colour. Not good for historic Bath. It’s crazy that owners of Grade I & II Listed Buildings have restrictions on paint colours etc but when it comes to historic Bath and signage – and in this case security – that black is chosen. A bit brutal I think.

  2. Don’t worry, like much of Bath’s street furniture, the black paint will flake off or be covered with ‘Save Bath’ stickers!

    1. Yes I agree that the visual impact of the posts be minimised but, in the first place is there really a credible threat of terrorist attacks in Bath? On what basis was this decision made?

      And will this mean the areas around the “ring of steel” are now at more risk?

  3. This is supposed to be a security measure. How does it stop attacks by motorbike, scooter, pedestrian with backpack or drone? Rediculous waste of money and it is not what the police wanted.

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