May the 1st be with us!

[Director Roger Maliphant poses by the old Approach Golf sign]

Bath’s Approach Golf Course in Royal Victoria Park will be open for business again on Monday, May 1st – two years (and more) after it closed.

Well – at least part of it will.

And here’s a new sign for us to get used to!

After many months, and much debate, B&NES awarded a four-year contract to Swansea-based Future Golf Ventures to bring golf back to the site – as well as introducing a new sporting attraction to the city.

That’s called Footgolf and it’s going to be ready to play from the start of the coming month.

Meanwhile, the pitch and putt course is not quite ready yet and may have to wait another month.

I went up to the site today to chat to company director Roger Maliphant.

To find out more, or book for footgolf, try and then click on the ‘Book Now’ tab.

And just to clear up a couple of points, Roger contacted me today to say:

“During my interview with Richard yesterday I made a couple of points that need clarification.

Firstly, and in line with BNES Parks policy, and the tender for contract, there will be no use of glyphosate weedkiller on the site and very minimal other chemical input – as has been made clear to local residents. We aim to create an exciting biodiverse leisure facility.

Secondly I must stress that although we will be creating walking paths around the site there will still be unrestricted access to all parts of it – just as there is now. Golfers and walkers co-existed for many years prior to the closure and I am sure they will continue to do so.”

Happy to pass that on.


  1. Let’s hope Mr Maliphant fully understands that the Upper Common was given to the Citizens of Bath to use at their leisure for walking, dog walking, kids playing and picknicking etc.

  2. How disappointing to see it back on High Common despite the assurances given by Paul Crossley in your interview that it would be left golf-free . Is that why he was sacked? There are some great examples around the country of underused golf courses being repurposed for greater public benefit.

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