Pic of the day. Monday, April 17th.

Not only do we have a King’s coronation, and local elections, at the beginning of next month but the completion of the installation of the first ‘city centre security scheme’ measure at the Bog Island end of York Street.

I am hearing the special retractable bollards and their mechanisms are due to be covered in tarmac early in May. This has been a complicated job as there are cellars below in this area.

It’s apparently the most difficult of the sites, where such obstacles to terrorism will be installed, and that is probably why this part of the city centre was chosen to be done first.

The central bollards will slide to each side at the touch of a radio-controlled button – pressed elsewhere.

It’s clever stuff but, of course, terrorists behind a wheel are not the only vehicles that will be denied access at these points and that’s where those of different political party colours are making mischief.

I happen to believe that the centre of the city – containing much of our tourist attracting heritage – will benefit from cleaner and quieter streets where people can walk safely in peace.


  1. Ever heard of a backpack, moped, motorcycle, drone? This is not about security.

  2. So the justification is daft. Who cares? The car-free spaces will be great.

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