Oh, my lady!

What are friends for if not to drag along to check out the latest attraction – launching tomorrow – at No 1 Royal Crescent.

For those not in the know, this is the Georgian townhouse museum – one of the historic properties owned by Bath Preservation Trust – and a firm favourite with visitors who want to go back in time to the 18th century to experience fashionable life and living in our city.

In line with the continuing cultural appetite for historical romance the museum is aiming to ramp up the fun this spring with a new Georgian dressing room (or Georgrobe) to enable people to fulfil their Bridgerton dreams by dressing up in Regency-style costumes and accessories.

Needless to say, l think Tracy and me are at the opposite end to the younger TikTok and Instagram users No 1 is aiming to attract. Having a bit of an issue with finding something in my size!!

Visitors can pose in front of a newly-created bespoke pop-art style mural of the city of Bath – designed by local artists Jason Dorley-Brown and Emma Taylor from Jet Pictures.

The Georgrobe launches tomorrow, April 1st – just in time for Easter. It will be free for museum visitors to enjoy, and also open to the public with a voluntary donation.

Here’s more from Claire Dixon who is the Director of Museums and Deputy Chief Executive of Bath Preservation Trust.

Well, would you believe it, after we left, the real star of the show came along to admire his spot on the new mural.

Alfie, Bath’s most photographed cat, turned up with his friend to take a meow (bow).

Check out more on this subject via https://no1royalcrescent.org.uk

I don’t know about the dressing up, but l was terribly excited about the mural.

There must be places around the city where such a thing could be attempted externally?

Maybe away from the inner Georgian circle – but it could, and would, brighten up lots of areas elsewhere? What do you think?

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  1. What is this ‘Georgrobe’?? I assume that it’s meant to be pronounced George-robe, in which case I think it needs a softening ‘e’ in there, otherwise it’s -grobe as in ‘grove’ or ‘grab’… ‘orrible!

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