Pix of the day. Monday, March 27th

A blossom tree greeting for a special train which passed through Bath’s Sydney Gardens at the week-end as our ‘man on the spot’ Rob Coles explains:

On Saturday there was an excursion from Hastings through Bath to Bristol by a preserved Diesel-Electric multiple unit train. 

Built in the late 1950’s to a narrower profile, due to the restricted tunnel-loading gauge of the Hasting Line.   The Hasting Units were know as Thumpers due to their sound – as was evident passing through Sydney Gardens. 

The train was spot on time in both directions

Is the lovely Brunel cast iron footbridge receiving some much-needed attention?”

Thanks Rob. Network Rail planned to restore it as part of their electrification of the London to Bristol line – until the government stopped its progression after Swindon.

I have emailed Network Rail asking if they have an update on its future. It is Brunel’s last existing footbridge on the old GWR line and needs preserving.

And here’s the official reply:

“As electrification through Bath was indeed cancelled, there is no need to remove the bridge. I can confirm that the footbridge is regularly inspected and is safe.

As a result of recent inspections, we did however refurbish the stonework and abutments last summer using a local stonemason, details of which can be found here:


We are planning to repaint the iron span in the latter half of CP7 (our five-year funding period, which will run from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2029).”