William’s wonderful invention

[The bust of William Harbutt in the The Victoria Art Gallery. It is cast in bronze from an original carved in plasticine by a student of his.]

Did you know that plasticine was invented in Bath?

The basement where Harbutt concocted Plasticine.

William Harbutt was headmaster of the city’s School of Art and Design and was experimenting with producing a non-drying modelling clay for his students.

You can find out more about the man and the impact of his invention with a FREE talk by Stuart Burroughs at the Museum of Bath at Work next Saturday, March 25th at 11am.

It’s part of the Bath Inventor’s Trail which is now in full swing.

Meanwhile, you can collect entry details about the Bath Young Inventor of the Year Award (already carried as a story on Bath Newseum) and the free Bath Inventor’s Trail from the Museum of Bath at Work or 44AD on Abbey Green. We have a city full of exciting people and the things they came up with!