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I am pleased that so many new cars automatically cut their engines when coming to a halt but too many motorists, it seems, are not aware of the environmental damage idling engines can cause.

Drivers in B&NES are being encouraged to turn off their engine when parked and waiting in order to reduce air pollution as part of a new anti-idling campaign.

Running a vehicle’s engine while waiting contributes to nitrogen dioxide pollution and poor air quality. This type of air pollution can trigger asthma attacks and worsen lung and heart conditions – with an estimated 36,000 deaths per year being linked to air pollution

The anti-idling campaign, Kick the Habit, raises awareness of the dangers of excessive idling and aims to reduce pollution in areas where our most vulnerable residents are at risk, such as schools, nurseries and health care settings.

Businesses, organisations and residents are being encouraged to make a pledge to ‘Kick the Habit’ by turning off their engine when parked and waiting. Pledges can be made at

To support schools in promoting the campaign’s messages, the council is offering schools limited free printed resources. The resources on offer are banners, posters, postcards and stickers. Schools can request a free banner and other printed resources by contacting

Councillor Manda Rigby, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “We know from public feedback that anti-idling of vehicle engines is an issue which causes concern and through the resources of the Kick the Habit Campaign we want to work with local communities and organisations to raise awareness and encourage drivers to turn off their engines when parked and waiting. Please get in touch with us on the address and sign up for some free marketing material to spread the message.”

Any school, local business, organisation, community or individual interested in making a pledge, downloading campaign material or finding out more can visit

Pledges are private and the council will not publish any details about those who pledge. However, it may choose to publish on social media, the total number of pledges received.

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  1. Running the engine to clear the glass on a cold morning is just as bad. Either buy a spray de-icer or put the car away in the garage (if you have one)!

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