Book art

Listen up young creatives – B&NES Libraries are re-launching their popular Recycle an Ex-Library Book competition on Saturday 11th Feb 2023.

Kate Whelan-Jones, who is the Library Information Officer based at Bath Central Library, tells me:

“If you haven’t heard of it before, we hand out ex library books which have come to the end of their borrowing life and we ask people to take them away and come up with the most creative reuse of the book, turning them into works of art!

We then ask people to hand their creations back into us at Bath Central Library by 22nd July, these entire will then be put into an exhibition of Recycled Books held at Bath Library during August 2023.

People will be able to vote for the winner in each category during the exhibition, winners and a prize giving will be held in September, date to be announced.

We wondered if you would be able to help us publicise this? I’ve attached the poster and some pictures of some of the entries we received last time we ran the competition.”

Happy to help Kate, and what wonderfully creative examples you’ve shown me from past events.