War and the World’s heritage.

Good to hear that footfall is holding up for Bath’s World Heritage Centre during these bleak winter months. I popped in on the stroke of 10 am as they opened.

If you haven’t paid this place a visit yet, it’s where you go to find out why Bath has two UNESCO inscriptions as a World Heritage site – and there is NO admission charge either.

Michael Noakes – who is one of the volunteers greeting visitors there – tells me that there is currently an additional special display installed.

He says:

“I did my first shift this morning in the WHC since they put up a new display on War and World Heritage Sites.

Understandably, it features Ukraine where there are 7 World Heritage sites (6 cultural and 1 natural) and a further 17 locations that would like to be WH Sites.

None of the 7 have been damaged by the war although there are many other cultural sites that have been.

Apparently, Russia signed up to the 1954 Hague Convention not to attack Listed World Heritage Sites, so one can only hope they stick to their word!

The Sites are really quite beautiful. I hadn’t appreciated the architecture and landscape of Ukraine.”

Thanks you for letting us know Michael.