Look after your bollards!

The people who moved into the house behind the high wall in the picture above had it knocked down while they were inside unpacking.

The council installed bollards to try and protect them from further damage to their property but – as you see – they haven’t lasted long before being knocked sideways in another vehicle collision.

Now the couple have been told B&NES has no money to replace them – so maybe instead the local authority could concentrate a little more on trying to stop the lorries and vans and coaches doing the damage. Vehicles using this suburban road to avoid the Clean Air Zone.

The residents of Claremont Road are also angry about plans for their street as part of a Liveable Neighbourhood scheme.

First of all the planners had decided to put parking on both sides of the road which – as you can see – would effectively block any vehicle from getting through.

Then they have switched their plans to a chicane to slow traffic down. Only problem is – whatever they put in the road would make it nigh impossible for some residents to get their cars out of their drives. This plan – say the locals – was not even put up for consultation.

The whole Liveable Neighbourhood issue is going to be a major one this year and the ruling Lib Dem administration better start a real conversation with residents if they want to see their councillors returned after the May local elections.

On another matter, my husband and l spent a good hour trying to help a very patient Marks and Spencer employee capture a robin which had somehow worked its way up to menswear on the third floor.

© Google Street View

We were forced to give up – which was a shame – and the pest control people won’t come out for 24 hours. I hope when things quieten down the bird will make it way to the ground floor where they can show it the front door!

Maybe all big stores like M and S should keep a large bird-catching net which would certainly have helped us rescue the bird.

PS. We passed three piles of vomit on the way home so l reckon Saturday must have been a good night in town!!