Mayor’s office takes charge

Ever-budget-conscious B&NES is sure to benefit from an agreement that the Mayoralty will now take on the running, and funding, of the Bath-based Remembrance events to bring it in line with other towns within Bath and North East Somerset.

Initial conversations with the military and veterans’ groups have shown that there is a desire to do things a bit differently on Remembrance Sunday. As an example, having a split day with a parade in the morning and an event in the afternoon, as has been done previously, may not be the way which suits participants in the future. 

The full Charter Trustees made it clear to the Standing Committee that if the request from those involved in celebrating Remembrance was to continue with current arrangements, the money is there in the existing annual budget and healthy reserves to deliver this desire. If any of the arrangements are changed for Remembrance celebrations, it will be because those changes have been requested, not forced by any reduction in monies available.

This proposal was backed by the vast majority of those Charter Trustees present.

Cllr Tim Ball, Chair of the Standing Committee of Charter Trustees of Bath commented:

“We have a proud tradition in Bath of remembering those in all wars who made the ultimate sacrifice and supporting veterans in our area. The Mayor’s office has already been responsible for the arrangements for the Remembrance events in our community, and will continue to deliver in their usual impeccable manner. The meeting this week reaffirmed our commitment to continue to honour those people impacted by war, and ensure the lessons of history are not forgotten.”