Not a bad offer

Bath’s ‘Cycling Mayor,’ Saskia Heijltjes writes:

“I received this great offer for free cycle stands from Life Cycle, funded by BANES. It doesn’t make up for the lost/missing cycle stands at the Guildhall, but it would certainly help.

Could you please share this on your website?”

Hopefully, we are getting those hoops back… in the meantime, here’s that letter!

“Hello to all at the Kidical Mass Bath!

We are working in BathNES to give free cycle stands to independent businesses and community groups via our Take a Stand® scheme. 

We are Life Cycle, a charity that works in local communities to encourage and enable cycling. This scheme helps improve cycling infrastructure by providing residents with access to free, secure cycle parking. 

If you know a business or community organisation in the BathNES area that could benefit from some bike stands on their property – please let them know about our scheme and please share within your networks! 

We’ve created an e-flyer which you could share with them. We’ve attached it to this email. 

If you’d also like access to further resources (social media graphics and captions) please let us know and we can send them to you. 

For more information, full terms and conditions and to apply, click here. This scheme is funded by BathNES Council to promote sustainable travel. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. “

Many thanks and all the best, 


Bernadette Thomson 

Take A Stand® Coordinator