Weight and safety?

David Stubbs has sent me details of an issue now affecting Widcombe which he thinks l should run past B&NES.

He writes:

‘An Experimental Traffic Regulation Order is in force in Church Street, Widcombe (Liveable Neighbourhoods), which effectively stops any through traffic from Ralph Allen Drive to Widcombe Hill.  I do not disagree with the principle of the scheme but the practicality of what has been installed is crazy.

Four cast iron bollards, each weighing 42kg, have been installed on the narrow stretch by the church, each with a padlock.  Keys are held by a limited number of people such as the emergency services Church and NT.  If a vehicle is too large for the stretch from Widcombe Hill, or a removal/delivery van is going to block that section, then the bollards could be lifted out allowing other vehicles could access from Ralph Allen Drive.

However, the maintenance manual for the bollards says this:

“Product that utilizes cast iron, ductile iron or concrete will be a significant weight (the Broxap website / catalogues give an indication of the weight of each product). Therefore the movement of such must not be undertaken by a single person. When reasonably practical, mechanical handling devices should be used for all products heavier than 20kg. Safety footwear should also be worn. “

BANES have therefore installed bollards which pose a Health and Safety Risk to anyone lifting them.

Furthermore, why four bollards with four padlocks when one would suffice at the narrowest section in the middle.  How long would a fire tender be delayed by this?

Finally, the sign saying who can proceed through the bollards includes an scooter.  Motorcycles are not permitted.  Why not?’

I have passed this to B&NES for comment.

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  1. If the bollards had been half way, someone could have parked a vehicle in front and wandered off leaving the access blocked.

    Can’t comment on weight, though wondering if it includes the socket in the ground.

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