Bolts for Bath

This morning l happened to be passing while B&NES officials were discussing the next move relating to cycle hoops at the High Street end of Cheap Street.

Seems new fixings they had been trying were not secure enough and are being modified in the hope they will then do the job!

If you live locally you will know that every year the stands are removed for the Remembrance Sunday parade and – in the past – every time that has been done bolts have had to be cut and the hoops re-installed via newly drilled holes.

Seems an utter madness to me and am hoping this modification to the new fixings will mean the hoops can be taken out and replaced on the same bolts – thus preventing any more cut off mountings being left in the pavement!

Previous cut off bolt fixings left in the pavement!

Why the stands cannot be left and fenced in some way for their parade, l have no idea?! I think the council would prefer that but health and safety regs come into play whereby a crush of people watching the parade pass by might be injured if squeezed against the stands.

Am waiting with baited breath in the hope our hoops will be back AND the hoops outside the Guildhall replaced also.