Do not disturb

I recently featured the state of the kerbs in Cheap Street and Westgate Street and noted the damage being done by heavy hevicles mounting the pavement to get by in this narrow thoroughfare.

Shops need deliveries but at what cost to the fabric of the city and the safety of its pedestrians and cyclists? Maybe – l suggested – all the commercial action should take place overnight?

Anne Love writes in response:

‘You suggest in your article that overnight deliveries might be the solution but overnight deliveries are a ‘waking nightmare’ for city centre residents. 

We used to live a stones throw away from the Queensbury Hotel who had their fish delivered from Cornwall between 3 and 4 in the morning, even though the truck used to turn off its engine and roll down Russell Street hill, you could hear the clanking of the truck doors being opened, crates being dragged out, foot steps down the stairs etc etc. The whole operation took about 20 minutes and then the butcher would arrive followed by the greengrocer. You get the picture. 

I think after the guests complained, the deliveries started to be after 8.00 in the morning, thank goodness for a good nights sleep. 

I understand the Hilton guests suffered from Waitrose deliveries. 

Having overnight deliveries would ensure the city centre became empty of residential properties.’