Getting ready for spring

Cheered me up – on a freezingly cold winter morning – to receive some pictures, taken by Mike Johnston, of youngsters helping to plant spring flowering bulbs.

The Widcombe Association Streetscape Committee member, Helen Peter, organises a lively volunteer group called WAVE – Widcombe Association Verge Enthusiasts.

They have been working on the messy verge along Widcombe Parade for over a year , tidying it up and replanting it to enhance Widcombe.

Yesterday, Widcombe Infants Forest School, lead by Katherine Wildy, brought sixty Year 2 children along to plant bulbs ready for spring.

The event was a great success and the children became very enthusiastic planters. 

Watch out for lots of beautiful flowers, including muscari (grape hyacinth) bulbs and tete a tete growing where the children planted them.

Helen wants to thank all the staff and children and the Wave volunteers, along with Mike Johnston, photographer,  who braved the freezing morning to help .