Is there anybody there?

Fiona Gray writes to say she is a relative newcomer to Bath but is already enjoying She wonders whether l can help her with pone local issue causing her grief.

“Just wondered if you had considered doing an article on the appalling booking service at Thermae Spa? I have experienced this first hand several times and it is commented on frequently on Facebook, on Mayors Guide Walks etc with visitors to Bath being completely unable to book sessions – no online booking facility, telephone calls ringing out and not answered, emails taking a week to get a response etc…

The only way to book is to queue up at 9am on the day, and the chances of getting in at the weekend when most visitors want to book ahead to make the most of their visit, are pretty slim.

Thermae Bath Spa

 The initial excuse was that Covid had affected staffing but surely Bath’s biggest attraction should have been able to get their act together by now? What on earth is going on there? “

I took up your complaints with the people who operate the Thermae Spa and from the Business Development department, Theresa McDermott replied:

“Your email has been forward to me and thank you for contacting us about feedback you have received via your newsletter. 

We are acutely aware of the challenges some of our customers have experienced when wishing to book a spa session with us, our telephone reservations team manage as many calls as they can in a day but unfortunately not all who call are answered successfully.

During this year we have been working on a new website which will introduce an online booking system, and this should be going live very soon. Once implemented the online spa booking system will be available 24 hours a day, which will completely change our customer booking experience.

We do not take our visitors and guests for granted which is why we are investing in upgrading our booking systems to provide a vastly improved customer experience.”

That sounds like good news for you Fiona – and everyone else enjoying this facility.