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Some reactions to recent stories starting with the good news that a young couple have bought the old Victorian ‘tin tabernacle’ at Bailbrook and aim to turn it into their home.

Ralph Oswick, former Artistic Director of Bath Natural Theatre Company, has (or had) an alter-ego as Lady Margaret and, in that guise, once dropped in to open the Bailbrook Dog Show and Fete which was held in the field opposite the Grade 11 listed church.

Ralph Oswick

He writes: “Great news about the Tin Church. Really lifted my spirits, which after all is what the original builders intended. Of course, Lady Margaret will be available to declare it open once again when it is finished!

Ralph on the roof

Though I think landing by parachute onto the roof is now out of the question . I wonder if the new owners are planning any fundraising event? Friends to whom I forwarded the news are overjoyed.

I would add that though the interior looks chaotic in the photograph, there was order to the chaos and Graham (the previous owner) kept everything according to his own version of shipshape.

Ralph with previous owner Graham Boys

It was always a pleasure to sit on that sofa while Graham plied one with a home made non-alcoholic version of his beloved Guinness!”

Bath Newseum also featured the queues of vehicles in Walcot Street during the first weekend of the Christmas Market. The cars were trying to get into The Podium car park and the buses their respective bus stops! Above Waitrose, we featured the queues trying to get into the toilets!

Sue Whitaker writes:

On days like this someone (a PCSO perhaps?) needs to be stationed by the Cattlemarket to make sure the Podium car park queue doesn’t extend beyond this point so that through traffic can get through.  Simples!

Public conveniences:  Could we launch a campaign for more public conveniences in Bath?  Not those horrid pavement cubicles with sliding doors nor the ones with stainless steel fittings but proper, old style WCs with an attendant to maintain them.

 What about modern facsimiles of those in Sydney Gardens?  Or could B&NES use some of its empty shops to create Rest Rooms for weary shoppers and tourists?  A network of stylish, well maintained loos could become a feature of the city, something that people would seek out and probably be willing to pay for.  Just a thought ….

And from David Stubbs:

“The Christmas Market hardly chimes with this Council’s declared climate emergency.  Not only are we suffering car park queues highlighted by you, but also the carbon emissions created by the thousands who will have travelled to visit the market and stroll past heated uninsulated wooden sheds.

The queues for toilets also reflect this Council’s inability to provide adequate facilities for the hundreds of thousands who visit our World Heritage Site. Not only do we not have enough public toilets, we do not have a Tourist Information Centre.

 If little Tetbury can have one, then so can wealthy Bath.  Rather like the unwelcoming Guildhall with its security guards, I’m afraid our dear city does not appear very welcoming to our visitors.”