Pix of the day. Sunday, November 27th

Saturday madness in Walcot Street where the queue for The Podium car park extended through the entire street.

I know there was a rail strike yesterday, and the Christmas Market is now open, but the level of pollution in the middle of the city must have been horrendous.

I often wonder, if vehicle exhaust was coloured, and we could see it, just how shocking that would be?

I can’t even argue the case for catching a bus as they were caught up in the jams and must have been severely affected by it all.

Is it Waitrose or B&NES operating the toilets above the store? I feel so sorry for the women and girls queueing to use their facility.

As for us men there was a queue to use one urinal!! While l was waiting a woman – in desperation – came in and asked if she could use the single cubicle!!

Public toilets, and properly equipped ones at that, are a basic human requirement.