B&NES & bikes + update!

A week later, and still no sign of the bicycle hoops being put back outside The Whisky Shop at the Westgate Street end of the High Street.

Unlike those removed outside the Guildhall, they were securely in place.

It does not help the desire of B&NES to be ‘cycle-friendly’ when it can’t even provide a basic parking facility at this end of the High Street.

Is it – l wonder – anything to do with clearing pavements for the expected Christmas Market crowds?

Meanwhile, Jude Harris writes:

I’ve been wondering recently, if urban planners have come up with any sound creative ideas for secure bike parking in our cities?

As bikes are getting more sophisticated and hence valuable, there is emerging the dilemma of how can they be safely stored in city centres.

I know of several people whose bikes have been stolen, despite being locked with heavy-duty padlocks. CCTV can’t be relied on to work and the police can’t devote time to studying it even if it is operational.

It would be so counterproductive if people are deterred from bike riding because of this problem.

Are there any solutions? I did see these street-side bike lock-ups in Lewisham recently, but I think they must be more for people in small flats who haven’t room to store their bikes.

Martin Mitchell adds to the story with the following:

“A couple of cycle parking comments. I lived in Walthamstow until 2017 & saw the advent of the cycling changes there and across London.

The cycle hangers you show in your post were very common – we had a couple in our street. They can be rented for easy storage and are quite efficient- they’re not just for flats, many houses have no side access or easy garden storage, similar to many Bath terraces!

The link below takes you to the ‘cycle parking‘ section of the TFL website & you can find all sorts of information about how they’re creating solutions.

I’ve also taken a screenshot from the website (& post it below) showing solutions at stations.”


Thanks for that information Martin.