A chat with the leader

Tight budgets, council tax, 20 mph speed limits, tourist tax, Fashion Museum and Bath Rugby Club’s sale of land to a supermarket.

Just some of the subjects covered in a chat with the Leader of B&NES, Cllr Kevin Guy.

Cllr Kevin Guy, Leader of B&NES Council

Let’s start by finding out just how bad things are, economically speaking, for the authority?

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  1. Good morning Richard, Many thanks for getting this report as it covers so many hot topics which are obviously of great concern to Bathonians. This is where your website excels…..the full interview, no editing, no rewording or misinterpretation for a written report.

    Some of Kevin’s replies are worrying, especially regarding council budgets and trying to maintain essential services. Meeting legal levels of service seems an impossible task, with the Local Authority, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services all at breaking point. But there are exciting projects in the pipeline (if only grants and cash can be found) such as the extension of Victoria Art Gallery and the proposed Museum of Costume. Let’s hope and pray the ambitious dreams are fulfilled as it will be an enormous boost to the coffers!!

    Apologies for stating the obvious!!!!

    Many thanks for your exceptional work with Bath Newseum. Kindest regards, Davina Ware 6 Nelson Place West, Bath BA12TH

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