Pic of the day. Thursday, August 4th

Local photographer – and regular contributor – Rob Coles has been out and about with his camera.

“When at Bathampton I took a photo of a rather sad sign – no doubt prompted by health and safety – or was to keep children on the path of righteousness?

Reading inscriptions on gravestones is a great interest, why for instance did Esther Ramsbottom who died in Great Malvern end up in Bathampton to lay close to Elizabeth of Huddersfield

It was different in Victorian times,  the diarist Rev Francis Kilvert tells, in an 1870’s entry, of children in the Clyro churchyard searching for graves of relatives in order to dress them with flowers for Easter Day.

Kilvert describes wonderfully the Victorian countryside, especially the Welsh Borders, he also has links to Bath and Wiltshire. He brings everything so vividly to life, not just the countryside but the people and events.  My favourite book.

My playground as a child was a graveyard!!”

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