Pic of the day. Tuesday, August 2nd

A group of international MSc Marketing students from Bath University have spent the last two days selling plants in Kingsmead Square.

As part of their course, the 7 students from Taiwan, China, India and Greece, could choose to work with a local charity as a consultancy firm to help support various initiatives.

Marian McNeir MBE, who along with Bath MP Wera Hobhouse, is the Patron of Bridgemead Residential Home, said how delighted they were to work with the students in fundraising initiatives.

 Bridgemead, which celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year, has to find nearly £ 1 million to renew its flood defence systems.

As Marian says: “ We have a wonderful position in St John’s Road with gardens going down to the river. Our residents and their families love looking at the ever-changing life on the river but it is indeed a mammoth task to raise the money to renew our 30-year-old flood defence systems.

We recently had a Garden Party and the students were a great help and then, as Junjia Chen from China told us: “ We saw that there were unsold plants so we applied for a permit to sell them in Kingsmead Square and have been able to contribute over £100 to Bridgemead’s funds. Lots of passers-by asked us about Bridgemead and we were able to give them information about this wonderful Care Home. “

Nick Coates, Chair of the Bridgemead Trustees, thanked the students and said how good it was to see them support the local community and how enterprising it was of Bath University to have such a practical part of the MSc course which benefited local initiatives.

 Group member Mallika Jhaveri from India praised the encouragement they had received from Bridgemead and said how they would return to their home countries with unforgettable memories of another side of life in Bath.