Cleveland Bridge – two-way traffic next month!

I chose the first day of a new month to sit the leader of B&NES council down to talk about a range of Bath issues including rubbish, riverside office developments, city festivals and tourist information centres.

Cllr Kevin Guy, Leader of B&NES Council

We also talked about the continuing Cleveland Bridge saga and l do recommend you listen to this interview because there’s some good news within it for motorists as the bridge will soon be reopening for two-way traffic.


  1. Well, I am pleased that you addressed the burning issues in Bath. But less pleased that Cllr Guy doesn’t appear to have even been singed by them.
    I was grateful to hear him giving credit to Bath B.I.D. (a totally independent company set up to look after the interest of businesses in the district of Bath) for the fledgling Tourist Information Centre. Apparently the previous one under the auspices of our Council was losing £100k per year. Didn’t realise it was supposed to be a profit centre for the Council. Shame, with all the empty properties B&NES own in Bath they couldn’t have housed this new centre. As for the Council ‘approving’ BID’s new Tourist Info Centre, I don’t believe anyone needs them to.
    Business waste collection (aka seagull feeding) – what Cllr Guy failed to mention was the Council’s abject failure to provide and adequate service, so BID stepping in to take up that challenge. They put it out to tender and BANES submission was rejected. Why? It was too expensive and they refused to collect twice a day, weekends or Bank Holidays – just when businesses are doing most of their trade. SITA, a French company won the contract from under B&NES noses.
    Cleveland Bridge – enough said. The almost 12 month delay(or is it 24 months from the original date) in its opening revealed by Cllr Guy is not really good news, is it. Coupled with his ‘good intention’ not to allow HGV’s to travel across it again, and wreck it again, I don’t see any reason to cheer the Council and its Planning Committees betrayal of the health of Bath’s East Side Residents by approving the plans to strengthen it for just that purpose – to allow 44 Tonne HGV’s to cross it once again and crawl through Bath’s residential streets.
    And the Office Block vanity project, well, I’ll just stop there.
    Glad these issues were addressed – sorry you received the same old brush-off Richard, despite some very good interviewing. Liked the “Rubbish!”, but it clearly fell on deaf ears.

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