Pic of the day. Wednesday, July 27th

Gulls get the blame but it is us who create refuse. They don’t eat cardboard, so there has to be something in these sacks attracting attention? Is it the containers that need to change, or the amount of time this is left on our streets?


  1. I agree both your suggestions – these bags are clearly inadequate and the streets are left looking disgusting. I would recommend that Council officials are sent out at these times to remonstrate with offenders and get them to clean up their act – I’m sure they have powers to do so.

  2. Much of the cardboard I see has contained pizza or some other food or drink. Half-eaten pizza is often amongst the rubbish, as is half consumed drink in cardboard cups. WE, and our lazy, careless attitudes in the way we discard our rubbish in the streets are the culprit, no doubt about it.
    That said, businesses (as the one in your picture) should be provided with anti-gull netting to put over their rubbish. It works in Cornwall, so it would work here – if people could be bothered.

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