That’s a wrap

The most recent batch of filming at Bath’s Holburne Museum has come to an end and the crew were busy dismantling equipment this morning.

Our regular ‘ man with a camera ‘ Rob Coles was able to get some good shots from behind the screens yesterday.

“Today I went to Sydney Gardens to check on the new railings and found that there was filming in progress. 

I was told it was for Netflix Bridgerton of which I know nothing. 

An assortment of photos is attached, but security was strict so they are not that good.

  The cast bus picture was taken to remind me of the coincidence that a lifetime ago, when I was little, I saw a cast coach with glamourous ladies being delivered to the Holbourne that was being used for, I believe, a Margaret Lockwood film.  

One week it was a the start point for carnival and the next is hosting horses. I think the Georgians – that designed the pleasure gardens – would be pleased that their creation was still being used for entertainment.”

Thanks Rob. I don’t actually think it was Bridgerton though the next series is in production and l am sure they will be back in Bath soon.

I agree it’s good to see that part of the city is so popular and the new-look Sydney gardens is winning general approval l think. Thanks for your photos.