Let’s hear it from the men

Only 10 men out of 100 singers have signed up so far to join in a fantastic day of singing in choirs in Bath on September 11th.

So, according to the man behind the event, the men of Bath and the surrounding area are missing out on a chance to sing out loud and enjoy a day of music.

There are spaces for up to 250 singers on the day, which is being held at The Roper Theatre in Bath, but at this rate, Matt Finch, the organiser of ChoirLab22, says that the men attending will be drowned out by all the ladies!

Choir workshops available on the day include:

Men are missing out – ChoirLab22 Press release

  • ●  Gospel
  • ●  Musical Theatre
  • ●  Contemporary
  • ●  The Art of Polyphony
  • ●  African
  • There are 12 workshops to choose from and singers can choose up to 4. For those who have either never sung in a choir before, or those that don’t read music, there are 8 workshops to pick from. There are also 4 workshops where you do need to be able to read music.
Matt Finch

Matt Finch says “Choirs are a great way of meeting people, are good for your health and generally good fun. It’s such a shame that more men don’t join a choir. So if you’ve been thinking of joining a choir, or already sing in a choir – this day will help you get you on the choir journey. It will be a chance to find out what choirs rehearse what sort of music and when they rehearse.”

ChoirLab22 is organised by Matt Finch who runs 6 choirs every week in Bath. More details about the event at The Roper Theatre, how to buy your tickets, and a directory of local choir contacts can be found on the website http://www.choirlab22.com.

Early Bird Reduced-priced tickets are available until the end of July.

Matt organised ChoirLab19 in November of 2019, and also a Virtual ChoirLab in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. He also organised “Singing United” which was the first live Singing event in Bath after lockdowns, held at Bath City Football Club Stadium in Twerton.

Matt FInch says “We have a fabulous group of Choir Leaders from around the Bath & Bristol area, plus one from London and another from Yorkshire. They will be leading 70-minute workshops in all styles of choirs: Gospel, Pop. Acapella, Contemporary, African and more. There will be 6 local choirs singing in between the workshops to entertain the singers too. So it’s a massive melting pot of singing!”