A wall or two of wonders in Widcombe.

Took a walk over Bath’s lovely Halfpenny Bridge this lunchtime to visit Widcombe Social Club – an amazingly active social centre for a socially active and attractive community.

Widcombe Social Club

It’s where – throughout July and August – you can view the hand-finished mixed-media creations of Bath artist Jo Nye.

I couldn’t make her Private View this evening (Thursday) so popped over the River Avon in the hope that l might catch her or at least get some pictures of her show.

I was too early for Jo but was able to photograph some of what tonight’s guests will be able to view.

Metal Postcards – an exhibition by Tin City – gives you a wonderful display of her creative mind.

Hand-finished, recycled tin shrines, dioramas, found-object decorative items, and prints are all produced under the ‘Tin City’ banner.

Her work is inspired by a love of folk art, religious icons and reliquaries, music & film, pulp fiction and pin-up art.

Each tin shrine or diorama piece is either unique or part of a limited edition set and can comprise of recycled tin, carefully resourced and hand-prepared acetate imagery, upcycled broken vintage & modern costume jewelry, found objects, and scrap store materials.

Find out more about Jo and her work at www.tincitylovesu.com

The exhibition at Widcombe Social Club runs from 30/6/2022 until 31/8/2022