We’ve got ourselves a Renoir!

One of the last works that Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted is to go on display at Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery next week.

Pêches et Prunes (Peaches and Plums) has been offered on loan from a private collection. It will be here for three years and at the end of this period, the loan may be renewed.

It’s hoped to put it on display on Monday 20th and to make some changes in the upper Gallery so that it can be seen alongside works that are sympathetic to it.

This is one of the last few works that Renoir painted. During the last months of his life Renoir was mostly bedridden. He painted numerous still lifes during this period, of fruit and flowers that were most likely gathered from his garden.

This shows fruits that would have been ripe at the end of the summer, a few months before his death in December 1919.