Use it or lose it?

 Following on from yesterday’s story regarding the state of the East Gate – the city’s last entrance and exit still existing – Rob Coles voices his agreement about protecting and enhancing it but draws attention to a particular feature from its more recent past.

“With the Registry Office in the Guildhall, I have suggested in the past how good it would be for wedding parties to be able to walk down Boat Stall lane (a public right of way until the 1960’s) to the riverside Colonnade.  A fantastic background for photos, and room for catering, etc.   

 My suggestions have fallen on deaf ears and the Colonnade and East Gate remain derelict.  An opportunity missed.

The photo shows a little bit of history carved in the wall of the Empire Hotel – close to the East Gate.  During WW2  the Empire was the HQ of the Admiralty in Bath and was guarded by armed sailors.

One guard must have been understandably bored so carved, probably with his bayonet, his initials, and date.” 

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