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Today’s wanderings took me past the York Hotel building which is occupied – on one side – by a branch of Wagamamas.

As a food venue they must be sick to death of the time it is taking to sort out the railings outside damaged by a vehicle many, many months ago.

How is it local building firm Emery’s – with the help of IronArt – can get on and make similar repairs in Laura Place in much less time.

Even with sorting out insurance and heritage issues it should have been done by now. Shame on you!

Meanwhile, the capping stone to John Wood’s original and historic reservoir in the middle of The Circus appears to have been damaged and is fenced off.

This was the first residential build where kitchens were supplied with water from a central tank. Would love to put a camera down there to see how big it is!

Meanwhile, sad the see Box Blight affecting the hedging in the Admiral Phillips Memorial Garden next to the Assembly Rooms.

Not sure if that’s B&NES or The National Trust who will have eventually to decide what to replace it with.

Opposite The Paragon evidence that Bath is built on ancient cellars and – no doubt with the help of modern traffic – are here and there in need of attention. It’s not just our bridges taking a heavy toll.

Also noticed one of Bath’s original sedan chairmens’ huts has had a recent change of business use. Good luck to them.

Down in Larkhall – which is my neck of the wood – very pleased to see the new pond in the St Saviour’s Road mini-park settling down and looking lovely.

The new wildlife pond.

The area recently had a highly successful Larkhall Festival but l hope someone is organising the removal of the decorations still fluttering from many a power-line post. They are starting to look a little sad.

Finally, why did someone have to do this?

Big pile or small. This is fly-tipping. Take your unwanted spoil elsewhere!

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  1. According to Stanley Donwood in Catacombs of Terror, there are man-eating pigs down in the vaults under Bath. My theory is they keep digging their way out at Limpley Stoke and that’s why the A36 falls down. They’ve tried to concrete them in but it’s failed. As to Box Blight, is it the blight or is it Box Moth Caterpillar? We had that so cloud pruned it to let the wasps and bluetits get to the pesky beasts. It looks a bit weird but so far, so good. Kirsten Sent from my Galaxy

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