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Today’s pic of the day was taken by David Stubbs who was showing a party of visitors the only existing original entrance to the old walled city of Bath and was a bit ashamed to let them see plastic crates scattered above the East Gate – and quite a few weeds too!

I passed that way today and a lovely man called Martin – who apparently does maintenance work for the Empire Hotel residents – was busy reaching over and removing the crates.

He told me restaurants nearby often push their rubbish wheelie-bins against the railings near the arch and he constantly has to remove them.

Maybe somebody should visit all the surrounding establishments and just point out how special that little piece of the city’s heritage is and how it should be treated with respect.

Nice to see Bill’s restaurant in Westgate Street reverting to normal. A painter was busy finishing off burying the huge Union Jack jubilee flag frontage under a more neutral colour.

Confirmation on the old HMV store on Stall Street that it is Tesco moving in with a notice publicising the fact the supermarket giant is applying for the granting of a premises licence to sell alcohol and offer indoor light refreshments from ll pm to midnight!

What else did l spot? Well, the old Seventh-day Adventist Church alongside Bath Abbey is currently being used as a centre for prayer and open to those of any religion.

The Abbey has been using it as a general store but is in discussions as to how better to utilise the space.

Bicycle stands seem to be attracting a fair number of motorbikes at present. I have no idea if this is allowable or not but we have increasing pressure as cyclists on places to park and – if it’s a growing trend – then maybe a special enclosure should be installed for motorbikes.

It’s Gay Pride month so pleased to see the Guildhall flying the LGBQT+ flag and – on my way home cycling through Sydney Gardens – Network Rail continue to make good progress with repairs to Brunel’s balustrade stonework beside the rail track and also in cleaning years of grime from the structure.

When all of this is done they will erect the new safety fence on top!

Elsewhere in the park, a new wall surrounding a bed of wildflowers is getting a proper topping.

They’ve done about half of it and are letting that bit of work set firm before completing the task.


  1. Richard

    Thanks for the second mention!

    Many of the bins emanate from shops on Grand Parade owned by BANES so the Property Department can lever some control. What this needs is a single officer taking a holistic view of this whole area and improving the interpretation for the visitor.

    Best wishes



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