Bus Lane blues

Get caught in a Bus Lane and you’ll face another ten pounds that’s now been added to the fine.

Motorists across Bath and North East Somerset are being advised that the penalty charge for driving in bus lanes or through bus gates is increasing from £60 to £70.

The increase is being introduced by the Government. However, while fines are increasing the discount period is being extended. To receive a 50% discount, drivers will now be given 21 days instead of 14 to pay their PCN (Penalty Charge Notice).

The changes will come into effect from one minute past midnight on Tuesday 31 May and only impact fines incurred after this date.

These changes are linked with new national regulations which will enable civil enforcement of moving traffic restrictions such as violations of yellow box junctions, banned turns and driving in formal cycle lanes. Until now these offences could only be enforced by the police.

Councillor Manda Rigby, cabinet member for Transport said: “We need to keep our roads safe, tackle congestion and support sustainable travel so it’s important to make bus travel easier and more reliable by keeping bus lanes free from traffic. We work hard to educate drivers and we’ve recently reviewed our signage to ensure the restrictions are clear. The vast majority of motorists do comply with the rules, but it’s important to have a deterrent.”   

Following public consultation, Bath & North East Somerset Council has applied to the Department for Transport for enforcement powers at hotspots where restrictions are regularly contravened. 

To improve driver compliance and ultimately the safety of road users, five initial sites have been approved by cabinet for ANPR enforcement of moving traffic restrictions. They are:

  • A367 Charles St/Monmouth Street, Bath – yellow box and banned turn
  • George Street/Gay Street, Bath –banned turn
  • Brook Road, Bath – commercial vehicle weight restriction
  • Newbridge Road/Newbridge Hill, Bath – banned turn
  • High Street/Bath Hill/Temple Street, Keynsham – banned right turn (subject to further review)

It’s anticipated the council will receive designated enforcement powers during the summer

You can find out more about our current Bus Lane Enforcement Policy here.

More information on Bus Lane Penalty Charge Notices can be found on our website.