Red, white and bloooooooooo

My ‘gap year’ is over and l am vlogging again.

Let’s go shopping in Bath’s boutique and lifestyle quarter, talk about steam trains and happy memories AND see how a little part of Bath has been painted red, white and blue.

I have discovered that Bill’s in Bath is the only company branch ‘flying the flag’ in this way and everything will go back to normal after Sunday.

It’s an opportunity for the company to get some great publicity shots to help celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and it certainly caused a stir in Westgate Street today!


  1. I’m not sure I want it to “..go back to normal..” Richard.
    It’s a fitting celebration of a monarch who has given her life in the service of The United Kingdom.
    Does Bath’s Council have plans to erect a substantial memorial in the most prominent spot of our city centre to honour our Queen? In front of The Royal Crescent, or in Queen’s Square would be most appropriate. Or do they consider such a proposal too ‘monarchist’, ‘jingoistic’, ‘privileged-white-female’ or even ‘Brexit-supporting’. I guarantee it would certainly bolster their approval ratings for the forthcoming local elections, and could easily be paid for by cancelling some of their more whacko initiatives, and diverting funds to it.
    I hope Elizabeth II continues ‘long to reign over us’ for, at least, a couple more years to become the longest reigning monarch, in the world, of all time. (That would put that immodest, humourless French ‘Sun King’ somewhat in the shade wouldn’t it.)

  2. Isn’t it about time we caused a patriotic stir. Are we embarrassed by our nation’s flag, our culture and our Queen? If B&NES Council insists that Bill’s remove the flag, would we meekly allow them to do that. I, for one, am tired of the apologists and Europhiles who seek to diminish our country’s standing in the world. Let our Kingdom be United in the pride we show for Queen and country.

  3. One of the reasons I subscribe to Bath Newseum is to get news about Bath without being subjected to the vitriolic diatribes so often exhibited in the letters page of the Chronicle so I am very sad to see it creeping in here. Sent from my Galaxy

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